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We all have a story. Owning it, truly owning it can be hard and scary. Though, not as scary as not living your life authentically.  

Being authentic takes courage.  Whether it is in your work, home or with friends, being authentic is about letting go of what others think and allowing yourself to be seen, even if there are no guarantees. 

For individuals, I guide you through a process of discovery, reflection and actions that help you make the changes you want.  Together, we examine the thoughts and behaviors that hold us back, and identify new choices that move you towards your goals and a more authentic life.

For companies, I help employees develop practices that make us more empathetic with colleagues, and understand how being vulnerable in the workplace enables creativity and the ability to better handle change and uncertainty. 

Different coaching services and workshops are available to meet your specific goals and budget.  

Susan Ginsberg-O'Sullivan is a Certified Executive, Career and Life Coach and Daring Way™ Facilitator located in New York City.  Coaching sessions are conducted by phone, face-to-face or virtual. Coaching packages include email support and resource materials between sessions.

Susan is available for career counseling and coaching services throughout NYC including the Nassau and Westchester County areas. 

To learn more, contact Susan at susan@go-coaching.net.

Susan Ginsberg-O'Sullivan, ACC, CDWF

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